Getting bed bugs once is one thing, but if you keep getting them time and time again it’s probably high time that you start figuring out why this happens. There are a lot of reasons why bed bugs might keep returning to your home. One reason could be that the extermination process that you were involved in did not kill all of the eggs that these pests had lain. This means that they are going to end up being much more prevalent in terms of your sleeping arrangements, and you will need to get the exterminator to come yet again and hope that this time he or she does the job in a much more profound and thorough manner.

You also might just be doing the same things that caused the bed bugs to initially infest your living space. One of the major causes of bed bugs is that they have found a food supply of some sort in your bed. This usually happens when people frequently eat on their beds and drop crumbs and the like. These crumbs are a veritable feast for any bed bug, and they often create opportunities for these bugs to truly thrive and establish long lasting colonies that are going to be almost impossible to clear up.

If your Austin TX home is frequently beset by these pesky critters, try making some changes. Stop eating on your bed, for one. Instead, eat on a table or some other area where the crumbs can be brushed away instead of them becoming lodged in crevices where bed bugs would be able to turn them into meals. This will help you save money too since you won’t have to worry about hiring pest control on a regular basis.