Pokémon is a highly popular symbol of childhood for most of the 90’s kids. There aren’t many 90’s kids who haven’t ever heard about Pokémon as its famous cartoon would grace our television screens at all times.

Due to the high love and demand for Pokémon, the cartoon is now also a popular game, known as Pokémon Go. Pokémon Go is a uniquely satisfying augmented reality game which allows the players to roam around real cities and try finding as many of the virtual monsters hidden in real geographical locations. As easy as it sounds, players know that it is actually far from it as rare Pokémon are hard to find and even harder to chase. However, for our readers, we have today the ultimate Pokemon gaming tips which are guaranteed to make you a master of catching the virtual pocket monsters. Keep reading to find out:

Walk Far And Wide

Going around in circles in the same area over and over again will not grant you increased chances of finding the monsters. Instead, will yourself to walk further and explore your own city. After all, the game encourages the players to get some fresh air in order to play and be a master.

Rare Water-Based Pokémon

As mentioned above, the Pokémon are located in real life geographical places, i.e. they could be anywhere. However, there is a place where you are more likely to find a rate water-based Pokémon and that place is near the water.

Roam The Parks

The masters of Pokémon Go say that normally, some kinds of Pokémon hide or make nests in the parks. This also explains why you are sometimes able to attain a lot of Pokémon from the same place. Thus, it is best to always check out the parks.