No one wants to spend the rest of their life stuck wearing spectacles and lenses in order to see, and this is why there are now corrective surgery options that people can opt for in order to deal with their eyesight issues permanently. Now, there are two main procedures that people opt for, and that is either SMILE or LASIK surgery, however, for the sake of this article, we will be focusing solely on SMILE surgery, but if you want to know which is the better option when it comes to lasik vs smile eye surgery, then the answer is that they are both good, and work better for certain cases, so your doctor will know which procedure is the best one for you.

SMILE stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. This is a much less invasive and simpler procedure compared to a LASIK surgery since just one laser is required during the procedure. A small incision is made on the cornea’s surface, and excess tissue is then extracted from the surface. Once this tissue has been removed, the shape of your cornea will end up changing, and hence correcting your vision in the process.

It is a relatively simple procedure that also happens to be minimally invasive, and that is a good thing when one is dealing with something as sensitive as the eye. Since it happens to be a simple procedure, it only lasts a few minutes and does not require as much time to heal either since the incision is very small as well. Plus, there are less reported incidences of eyeball irritation and dryness during the recovery process as well. However, the problem with SMILE is that it is currently just limited to helping people afflicted with nearsightedness, so it has a very limited scope at the moment.