This one is, by far, one of the most important home improvements. And needless to say the demand for this service is very high. That’s why it is a good niche for your company.

You are interested in making your business bigger, at least that’s what I can deduce, because otherwise you would not be here.  Anyway, in this article I’m going to explain you key concepts and things about second storey additions.

Partial or Full: There’s Demand For Both

People don’t have to go for a full addition if they are not ready yet, because they can always go the partial route. And you need to keep this into account, because many persons will prefer to order a partial addition first.

It doesn’t matter if you are offering second storey additions, Perth, New York City, Berlin or Odessa, you can always offer this service to your audience, and yes, you will get an excellent reception.

The Real Price: How Much Can You Profit?

It really differs from case to case, because not all projects are the same. That’s something to take into account, but anyway, let’s check some examples.

Let’s say your client had a 1000 square foot house, then the price for a second story addition would be around $100K in most cases, although, you could go as low as $75,000 and still get a profit. And in case your client had a 2000 square foot house, then the price would be around $200K, and if the client is hard to close or if your audience is not that wealthy, then $150k will do the trick.

That’s talking about a full addition, but what about partial? Again, let’s check some examples so you can get an idea on how much it costs for people in the United States.

Let’s suppose your client has a 1000 square foot house and wanted a partial second-story addition, then it would cost around $180K. That’s a very accurate number for how much you can bill for a project of this nature.

How to Market This New Service?

As it seems you are very interested in taking this project ahead, and well, the reason is obvious: it is very profitable!

The best way to market this new service is by going the online route. By using Adwords and Facebook Ads you can get exposure for this brand-new service your company is offering, and hence, land more clients taking into account how you have built an optima sales funnel.

This can help you to get new traction, and as well, you can try Yelp! Ads as well, as it is another great way to get attention for your new service, and possibly, land more clients for it.


Now you know more about this niche and how profitable it is. So, go ahead and give it a try. You can make a lot of money if you deliver the goods and promote it very well.