Most of the adults face serious lower back issues these days, because of having inadequate back support while in a seated position. Many people don’t pay too much attention to their back pain during its early development phases, but after the anatomical changes have been incurred it can get quite difficult to reverse it. Slouching forward at a desk to look closely at a computer is a very common habit that damages your spine health. Staying in a slouched position not only disrupts your back muscle synchronization but it also stiffens your shoulders and neck. Because of the fact that we tend to protrude our head forward when looking at the TV of smartphone, this can aggravate our lumbar disc issues. Sitting on recliners can offer a soothing experience on a weekend, but they can cause back strain if they don’t have specialized back support features. My back muscles were tightened up because of sitting without proper back support, and therefore I choose best recliner for back pain after reading this article here.

The lumbar vertebrae provide stability to our overall skeletal structure and keeps us in an upright posture at all times. When a recliner cushion is too soft or too hard, then this can make your sitting experience highly uncomfortable. If you notice a gap forms between your lower back and the cushion, then this might be a clear indication that you need to buy a new recliner with better ergonomic features. Once you pull your legs up in a straight position, your lower back should be able to rest without having to form an abnormal curvature that can be highly detrimental for the spine health. Once you elevate your feet in the recliner you would instantly feel a better blood circulation in your body.