If you are planning on delivering a successful and smashing birthday party then you need to get some birthday banner customized. We know that there are many readily available banners out there but do you not want every aspect of the party to be perfect so that it can brighten up the day of the birthday person?

We know that every such banner is a happy birthday banner but imagine if it could be so much more! You can get the best birthday banner if you just know how to apply a few simple tips to it. Luckily for you, we have done all the work and come up with some great and precise tips that will help you be innovative.

Font of The Banner

The first tip is to play with the font of the banner to make it unique from all the other ones that have Calibri or Times New Roman. Whilst common fonts are not bad, we invite you to try out something bold and creative. We would recommend that you go for Comic Sans or Arial for kids and choose fonts like Monotype Corsiva for people who are fancy because they love curvy and italicized fonts.

Word Play

Why not deviate from the usual and some great wordplay to the banner? You can keep the wordplay according to the age, habits, favorite quotes, lyrics, jokes & puns of the individual and the options are unlimited. You can browse the internet or birthday cards for some clever and new ideas for this section.

The layout of The Banner

We would suggest that you try new layout options like the placement of content, images, colors etc. and try to avoid the custom popular ones because novelty is always appreciated and would definitely stand out and be remembered.