Lots of people think about getting dogs because of the fact that dogs are simply the best pets that anyone could ever hope for, but the fact of the matter is that choosing what breed you want to get can be quite difficult. Different breeds have different benefits associated with them. The most popular breed is the Labrador, but you might not want something like this in your home if you are not highly energetic and willing to play with your dog on a regular basis.

If you want a larger breed of dog that is a little calmer than Labradors, think about getting a border collie breed. These breeds are much more stable in terms of their behavior. Instead of asking you to play around with them all day long, they would be far more amenable to just relaxing with you while you are sitting down. They have gorgeous flowing coats that are going to be a lot of fun to just run your fingers through, and more than anything else they are good with kids. Most bigger dog breeds are going to be better with babies than smaller ones because of the fact that they won’t see kids as threats. Smaller dog breeds often look at babies and see them as competition for food, and they can get territorial which could be quite dangerous. If you have small children in your house, getting a border collie would be much more beneficial than having a smaller breed of dog.

All in all, border collies have a reputation for being more or less low maintenance, at least if you compare them with other dog breeds that are of a comparable size. This makes them a great option for you to look into.